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The company was recognized by Yantai structural ceramics R & D engineering laboratory
Release date:2020-11-30

        Recently, Yantai Development and Reform Commission issued the notice on publishing the list of Yantai engineering laboratories (Engineering Research Center) in 2020. The company's laboratory was recognized as Yantai structural ceramics R & D engineering laboratory.

        Engineering laboratory is a research and development entity established by relying on enterprises, scientific research institutes or universities. It is an important part of urban innovation system. The Yantai structural ceramics R & D Engineering Laboratory recognized by our company now has nearly 60 full-time and part-time R & D personnel, 1800 square meters of professional R & D and engineering site, more than 50 sets of experimental and testing equipment, 1 Innovation Studio, 2 R & D rooms, 2 central laboratories and 2 instrument rooms, and cooperates with Xi'an Jiaotong University, Tianjin University, Jinan University and Shandong University of technology, And universities, scientific research institutions and professional institutes such as the State Key Laboratory of electronic ceramics and devices of the Ministry of education of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Tianda international nanoparticle center and Shanghai Institute of higher studies of the Chinese Academy of sciences have established stable cooperative relations. Through the independent development of the enterprise and the collaborative development of industry, University and research, breakthroughs have been made in new product development, production process, technical equipment, talent training, process management and other aspects in recent years. 7 relevant invention patents have been applied, more than 30 utility model patents have been applied, and a number of enterprise technical standards have been filed.

        The company's laboratory was approved as a municipal engineering laboratory with a high score in the stages of unit application, preliminary review and recommendation, on-site investigation and expert review. It is the full recognition of the product technology development and engineering application of nuclear crystal company by the competent departments of Qixia City and Yantai city and industry experts, and an important embodiment of the effectiveness of the company's R & D work. After the engineering laboratory is recognized, the company will continue to increase investment in technological innovation, actively undertake various R & D tasks in the industry, strictly implement the provisions on energy conservation, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources in accordance with national standards, provide experimental conditions and R & D achievements for major strategic tasks and key projects in our city, and provide strong technical support for the rapid development of structural ceramics industry in our city.