After years of operation, we have a strong scientific research strength capacity. According to the "ten-three-five National Strategic Emerging Industries Development Plan ", "New Materials Industry Development Guide", "Shandong Province New Materials Industry Development Special Plan" and other policy documents, from the key technology research and development, industrial application, sustainable development and other perspectives to promote the development of high-performance ceramic new materials industry.
Adopt the method of the combination of industry, university and research,we  improve their technical level constantly. After years of operation,We have achieved remarkable results.
We insist on strengthening the construction of bases combining training, scientific research and production, and establish "industry-university-research" joint research groups with schools and enterprises to carry out high-level scientific research activities.Further develop and strengthen cooperation,training professional and technical personnel,Improved academic level and collaborative innovation ability.
Since taking industry-university-institute cooperation, has with the domestic and international several scientific research institutions, universities and enterprises industry-university-institute cooperation and exchange activities, and establish employment practice base with many universities and specialized degree graduate student cocultivation between colleges education base, not only to realize the resource sharing between the two sides, and effectively promote the school to both sides win-win cooperation and sustainable development.